Coupon Policies

Meijer has become one of my favorite stores to shop at. They are very coupon friendly there. They also have a neat feature at their store called mPerks. Go here to learn more about mPerks.

Here is a copy of their coupon policy from their website:
Meijer Coupon Policy
Coupons are a great way to save extra money when shopping with us, and we have made it easy to use them at our stores.
When accepting coupons, Meijer uses the following guidelines:
  • We accept two kinds of coupons; Meijer issued coupons and manufacturer coupons.
    • Only one manufacturer coupon and one Meijer coupon for the same item will be accepted (unless prohibited).
    • Mealbox coupons are considered Meijer coupons.
  • We accept all valid internet coupons. See store for details.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • If the value of the coupon is more than the price of the item after discounts or coupons are applied, the value of the coupon will be applied up to the price of the item.
  • We do not apply the excess value of a coupon to the order total if the value of the coupon is over the price of the item after discounts or coupons are applied.
  • Only coupons for products carried in our stores will be accepted.
  • All coupons should be given to the cashier while you're checking out and cannot be applied to a previous purchase.

Kroger has a store loyalty card. The Kroger Plus card. If you don't have one of these yet, it's quick and easy to get. All you have to do is go to the customer service desk and ask for one. You can use it in the same shopping trip, too. No activation waiting time. Once you register your Kroger Plus Card online, you can load Digital e-Coupons onto your card. Digital coupons are considered manufacturer coupons and can noy be combined with paper coupons. This is outlined in detail in their Digital Coupon Policy.
Kroger's paper coupon policy differs from store to store, district to district. You will want to call ahead and check to see what your particular store's policy is. As an example, I have Kroger stores from 2 different districts in my area. One district will only allow '3 like coupons' per day. Meaning, I can't go buy 10 bottles of ketchup and use 10 $.35/1 coupons for it. I can only use 3. Slightly frustrating when you're wanting to stock up, but good b/c it helps slow shelf clearers. :) This same district also allows doubling of coupons up to $.99. For instance, if you give them a $.50 coupon, you will actually get $1.00 off the item. If you give them a $.75 coupon, you will get $1.50 off the item. Coupons $1.00 and over are redeemed at face value. The other district in my area, however, still has the '3 like coupon' rule, but they only double coupons up to $.50. Coupons $.51-$.99, they will match up to $1. The $.75 coupon that is worth $1.50 in the other store, is only worth $1 in this store. In short, paper coupon policies vary greatly from Kroger to Kroger, so call your store and check ahead first.

Digital Coupons Policy
Customers choosing to participate in the digital coupons are required to have an active online account with a valid, associated shopper card. Kroger employees or partners are prohibited to set up or otherwise maintain an online account not specifically associated to that employee or employee household.

A valid shopper card or an alternate ID is required for the use of digital coupons at the time of purchase.
Digital coupons and offers are deducted from a customer purchase prior to paper coupons or any other discounts and cannot be added back or removed once card has been scanned.

  • Limit one use per digital coupon per transaction
  • Digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item
  • Digital offers do not double
  • A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per household at one time
The store manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY digital coupon or offer.

This is the Target coupon policy as stated on their website:
Target Stores Coupon Policy

Coupons are a great way to save even more when shopping with us, and it's easy to use them at our stores. When accepting coupons, we follow the guidelines below.

Manufacturer and Target Coupons:

· Target accepts one Manufacturer Coupon and one Target Coupon for the same item (unless prohibited by either coupon).

· Item purchased must match the coupon description (brand, size, quantity, color, flavor, etc.).

· Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.

· We can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item.

· All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier during checkout.

· All applicable sales taxes are paid by the guest at the full value of the item.

· These guidelines apply to all coupons accepted at Target (Color Checkout Coupons, Internet Coupons, Mobile Coupons, Mailed Coupons, Coupons from Newspapers and Magazines, etc.).

Internet (Print-at-Home) Coupons:

· We gladly accept valid internet coupons that contain a clear and scannable bar code.

· We do not accept internet coupons for free items with no purchase requirements.

Mobile Coupons:

· Guests can receive Target Mobile Coupons by signing up for Text Alerts at or by texting COUPONS to 827438 (TARGET).

· Message and data rates may apply. See site for full details.

· To redeem, simply show your coupon barcode to the cashier. With one simple scan, all applicable coupons are applied.

Buy One Get One Free Coupons (BOGO):

· BOGO coupons cannot be combined (i.e. you cannot use two BOGO coupons on two items and get both for free). Unless stated otherwise on the coupon, the use of one Buy One Get One Free coupon requires that two of the valid items are presented at checkout of which one item will be charged to the guest and the 2nd item will be discounted by its full retail price.

· A second cents-off coupon of the same type cannot be redeemed towards the purchase price of the first item.

o If a Target BOGO coupon is used, one additional manufacturer coupon may be used on the first item.

o If a Manufacturer BOGO coupon is used, one additional Target coupon may be used on the first item.


· Coupons are void if copied, scanned, transferred, purchased, sold, prohibited by law, or appear altered in any way.

· We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.

· Some items may not be available at all stores.

· We do not accept expired coupons.