Shopping Trips

KROGER 7/27/11

Here are the details from my Kroger trip this morning, 7/27/11. This was all done in one transaction.

6 Pictsweet Steam'ables @ $1.00 ea (reg. $2.19)
3 Crest Toothpastes @ $1.00 ea (reg. $2.10)
3 Ivory Bodywashes @ $1.00 ea (reg. $1.99)
1 Tide Stain Release Tablets(34 ct) @ $4.59 on clearance (reg. $11.59)

Coupons Used:
3 - $1/2 Pictsweet Vegetables (I bought a set of 20 of these on eBay)
3 - $.75/1 Crest Toothpaste (matched up to $1.00)
3 - $.50/1 Ivory Bodywash/Bar Soap (doubled to $1.00)
1 - $3/1 Tide Stain Release Tablets (making them only $1.59 when they were originally $11.59!)
1 - $2 OYNO Catalina (recieved from buying previous Crest products)

Total before sales and coupons: $37.48
Total after sales and coupons: $1.57 
A 98% savings! Be sure to always check the clearance area of your store. When combined with coupons this most always makes for GREAT finds! :)
KROGER 7/26/11

Here are the details from my midnight trip to Kroger tonight. This was all done in one transaction.
3 Ivory Bodywashes @ $1.00 each (reg. $1.99)
3 Crest Toothpastes @ $1.00 each (reg. $2.10)
1 SoftSoap @ $1.00 (reg. $1.49)
2 Colgate Wisps @ $1.19 (regular $1.99)

Coupons used:
3 - $.50/1 Ivory (doubled to $1.00)
3 - $.75/1 Crest Toothpaste (doubled to $1.00)
1 - $1.00/1 SoftSoap
2 - $.50/1 Colage Wisp (doubled to $1.00)

Total before sales and coupons: $16.54
Total after sales and coupons: $.86

And again, another $2.00 OYNO catalina printed out when I checked out.  :)
WALMART 7/26/11

Here are the details from my Walmart trip this morning. This was all done in one transaction.

6 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First Aid Kits

2 Boxes Kool-Aid Jammers

Coupons used:
3 - $3/2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Products (I bought this set of coupons on eBay)
(each first aid kit was $.97, giving me $1.06 overage for EACH coupon I used. $3.18 in total overage, b/c I used 3 of these coupons)
1 - $1/2 Kool-Aid Jammers (I got this coupon off a great swap page on Facebook. Coupon Frenzy Swap. That site is full of great and trustworthy people. I highly reccomend it. It's where I do ALL of my swaps.)

Total before coupons: $10.04

Total after coupons: $.04

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KROGER 7/25/11

Here are the details from my Kroger trip tonight. My plan was to get 3 Ivory bodywashes, not the packs of the bar soap (the coupon can be used on either), but they were out of the bodywashes, which I got a raincheck for. I'll explain that later on in the transaction details.

This was all done in one transaction. I got:

3 Crest toothpastes

3 3-bar packs of Ivory soap

3 bottles of SoftSoap hand soap

Coupons used:

3 - $.75/1 Crest tootpaste (doubled up to $1.00)

3 - $.50/1 Ivory bar soap or bodywash (doubled up to $1.00)

3 - $1/1 SoftSoap printable coupon - no size restriction (no longer available)

Total before sales and coupons - $15.77

Total after sales and coupons - $.47

At the end, when I checked out, a $2.00 OYNO catalina printed out. It was a result of buying the Crest products. A 'thank you from Crest' was what the catalina said. I'm not sure how many you have to buy to trigger the catalina to print out. I don't know if you can get it with getting 1 or 2 crests, but I got 3 tonight and the catalina printed out. Now, this particular catalina can be used on ANYTHING (unless prohibited). It's not just a coupon for Crest. OYNO are my favorite kind of catalinas to get. :)
Now, earlier, I mentioned that they didn't have to Ivory bodywash like I wanted. Anytime a store has an item on sale, but they are out of stock, you can get a raincheck. It enables you to still get the item at the sale price even if they don't get the item back in stock until after the sale is over. I'm pretty sure Kroger will have them back in stock before the sale ends, but I got a raincheck just in case. :)

MEIJER 7/24/11

Here is my first detailed posting about a shopping trip. :) I did 2 transactions. This trip was done at Meijer. Unless otherwise stated, the coupons are from newspaper inserts.

Transaction #1: (all prices stated are the sale prices)
6 Hamburger Helpers @ $1 = $6
6 Chiquita Bites @ $.89 = $5.34
2 ChiChi's Tortillas @ $2 = $4
4 Suddenly Salad @ $1 = $4
1 Package Hormel Turkey Lunchmeat @ $2.50 = $2.50
1 Box of Pizza Rolls
Coupons used on Transaction 1:
2 - $.75/3 Hamburger Helper. Meijer 'doubled' the coupon up to $1.
6 - $1.00 Chiquita Bites ('like' the Chiquita page on Facebook to print out this coupon)
2 - $.50/2 Suddenly Salad (doubled to $1)
2 - $.50/1 ChiChi's Tortillas. Meijer 'doubled' the coupon to $1.
1 - mPerks coupon for FREE Hormel Lunchmeat WYB 2 ChiChi's Tortillas.
1 - mPerks $5 off your next order of $5 or more.
Meijer promotion, buy 10 items get 11th free. Pizza rolls were free.
At the end, a catalina for '$2 off your next purchase of chicken, hamburger or tuna' printed out at the register.
Total before sale prices and coupons: $33.05
Total after sale prices and coupons: $2.34

Transaction #2:
2 Chex Mix
2 Betty Crocker Brownies
2 Dole Canned Mandarin Oranges
2 SnackPacks Milky Way
2 Suddenly Salad
1 Box of Pizza Rolls
4 Packages of Chicken Nibblers
Coupons used on Transaction 2:
1 - $.50/2 Chex Mix. (doubled to $1.00)
1 - $.75/2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (doubled to $1.00)
1 - $.50/2 Suddenly Salad (doubled to $1.00)
2 - $.50/1 Canned Dole Mandarin Oranges (e-mail companies, and sometimes they e-mail you coupons back!)
1 - $1.50/2 Milky Way
Meijer promotion 'Buy 10, get 11th item free'. Pizza rolls were free again in this transaction.
$2 catalina from first tranasaction for the Chicken Nibblers as well as another $2 from a trip earlier in the day, making all the Chicken Nibblers free. :)
mPerks $2 off your next order of $2 or more.
Total before sales and coupons: $24.94
Total after sales and coupons: $1.50

If you have ANY questions about how I used a particular coupon, what something means, or where I got a coupon, just ask. That's what I'm here for. :)